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2. The story behind the story.

Showing what led up to a news stories that I had published in either a local or national newspaper or magazine. Some sad some funny, and some that you’d never think would make news but did !


3. How to manipulate digital photos using simple FREE software.

Show in “Layman’s” language how to improve the photos that you have taken but were disappointed with when you saw them on your computer. How to LIGHTEN, DARKEN, CROP, LEVEL, REMOVE SPOTS!, make BLACK and WHITE, add a GRADUATED BLUE SKY to a dull scene, make a COLLAGE, how to add your photos to the WEB. All this depends on the time available, it can be added to or shortened according to the needs of the audience

Prince Charles

4. Photo Editing for the more advanced photographer using Adobe Photoshop & Elements

Once you have mastered the basics of photo-manipulation, then this lecture takes it to a slightly higher level, but still keeping it as simple as I can by going one step at a time.
Using Photoshop I demonstrate how to CUT out bland skies and PASTE in a new brighter sky or a dark foreboding stormy sky. Also show how to CREATE A CLOUDY SKY from scratch.
How to CLONE out that telegraph pole you have sticking out of your husband's head when you went on holiday.
SELECTIVE darkening and lightening in the same photo, SHARPENING, adding BLUR to a background.
Show how to STRAIGHTEN up those edges of a tall building that looks like its falling backwards.
Depending on time I can demonstrate VIGNETTING, "POP" colour, Show how to use LAYERS, and MASKING, etc.

tony blair

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